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LG-Intel Smartphone Expected To Hit This Coming CES

Various tech informations along with tittle-tattle news have been started to arrive on the scene as a welcome sign of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, approaching shortly. Among the recently found rumors the most interesting one has been come from LG. At the CES scheduled from 10th – 14th January at the Vegas Convention Center LG is bringing an all new Intel powered smartphone, the Korea Times has reported.

Intel On The Way To Launch Smartphones And Tablets Powered By 32nm Medfield Processor

Intel most recently has launched the prototype of their upcoming smartphone and tablet. The smartphones and tablets will run on Intel’s forthcoming 32nm Medfield processor. The mentioned processors of Intel for the first time are designed to give the Arm chips a pretty hard challenge in mobile phone sector.

Sharp FX Is A Smartphone Available For Free

It might sound a bit unbelievable when you hear that a smartphone having Android OS is available for free, but the same is actually available through Walmart. The phone we are talking about here is the Sharp FX Plus. It is a nice looking phone with some decent specifications. However one may find it a bit slow in its performance.

Huawei Honor Will Be In The Smartphones Market Very Soon

Huawei is trying to make their mark on the smartphones market and are bringing out new handsets to capture a fair share of the market. They have announced and will release the Huawei Honor which in itself is good looking and stylish in design. Its price is not announced yet but will be similar to other smartphones in this arena, if possible at a  bit less than them too. The capacitive touchscreen can support display of more than 16 million colors which is a good achievement. The 4” screen is strongly built and has got quality designs. The android OS with version 2.4 Gingerbread is a good technological addition which is attached with the 1.4 GHZ processor which gives great performance.

HTC Set To Announce Its New Runnymede Release

With the increase in income of customers they are looking to go for higher performance smart phones and HTC is bringing out a new Smartphone which promises to be a real champ in the Smartphone market. The HTC Runnymede will soon be announced in the market and it is bound to create some headache for the other Smartphone manufacturers who may have to change their specs to live up to the demand for smart phones.