Iphone 5 Will Be 3GPP Says Lulzsec

Just before retirement, LulzSec-the hackers have left with the confirmation of news that has been doing rounds ever since iphone 5 was announced. In the last release before LulzSec announced retirement, the team revealed documents belonging to AT&T, which were classified as confidential. According to the report, AT&T is working towards developing their systems for 3GPP compatibility. A complete overhaul of the company has been suggested with regard to 3GPP upgrades. This news comes as a confirmation for speculators who have been talking about the impending 4g connectivity for Ipad 3 and iphone 5. LulzSec had created waves internationally when the team of hackers began publishing confidential information related to different multinational companies.

LulsZec claims that hackling is easy

Other companies that have had to withstand the worst of LulzSec attack include a number of US and UK security agencies, Nintendo and Sony. The team that was active for fifty days has exposed various corporations. The team is under the scanner of security agencies and is being investigated. The mastermind behind the whole operation, a 19-year-old boy from Essex, is under arrest. The team said that hacking sites is very simple, even if they belong to CIA.

AT&T prepares for LTE

The news about the upcoming Apple gadgets is last in the line of exposures that caused a stir. As per the hackers’ report, AT&T is upgrading its network for LTE compatibility. LTE is a 3.9G network and not quite 4G like the speculations. Over the past several months, rumour mills have been running overtime, spreading news and speculations about iphone 5 and the major speculation was regarding 4G compatibility. Critics were of the opinion that Apple and the network providers in America are not quite equipped for providing 4G network. Nevertheless, in the light of the fact that Verizon provides 4G network for some of the other smart phones, several people did believe that Apple would come up with a new 4G phone. It was speculated that without 4G, Apple does not have a chance of surviving in the gadget market because Android is already out with its 4G phones.

Apple customers still to wait for 4G

Revelation by LulzSec has garnered mixed responses from all quarters. While people are happy that Apple is finally progressing beyond 3G, there is a general disappointment that 4G is still out of reach. However, the news release by the team about AT&T came in the form of codes and hence, there is still a sliver of doubt regarding network compatibility.