ITunes Match Beta Opens Rather Quietly

ITunes Match service, which is to be launched shortly, has come out with its Beta version. Apple has rather quietly released the Beta version in order to accommodate additional developers of apps. This new version is scheduled to be launched this fall. This is, however, not the first release of the service. Previously, the service was opened for a short while in August. It was only open for a few days before closing. As per reports from the Apple camp, iTunes, iCloud and iOS 5 will be launched together. People who have bought songs from other sources than iTunes will be able to match their music with the songs stored in the company’s virtual music store. Users can avail the matched songs on iCloud and the low quality songs will be upgraded to a better quality. The nitrate of upgrade will be 256kbps.

In its previous release, Apple had only made iTunes available for a few developers. The latest released will accommodate a few more developers. However, the quiet release is restriction of developers’ entry and crowding. The service has been reopened to accommodate developers who are located in America. The annual fee that is being charged from developers remains at $24.99. Three months of free service is also available on taking out a yearly subscription.

This release is the eight release of the Beta version of iTunes 10.5. Minor misunderstandings had cropped up when iTunes Match was released for the first time last month. The major rumor was about iTunes Match supporting instant cloud playback and that instant streaming of playback was possible. The misunderstanding was immediately cleared by a company spokesperson. Although instant playback is possible, the file needs to be in the memory of an Apple gadget, be it the iPhone or iPad.

The release of the new version is being looked forward to by users. The added features and the secret accommodation of more developers have raised a few eyebrows. Apple Inc has a lot of impending releases, the major of them being iTunes Match, iCloud, iOS, iPad 3 and iPhone 5. The dates of release of none of the devices have been revealed as yet although the time span has been mentioned. IPhone 5, which is slated for release in October, is the most eagerly awaited gadget not just in the Apple range but in the entire gadget industry. It has been postponed a couple of times and there is as yet, no official word from Apple.