LulzSec Group is Planning to Stop this Hacking Thing

The most popular group of hackers called the LulzSec hacking group is now dissolving. After grabbing the headlines of many big news papers and news channels, this group is now coming to an end.  This was clarified from a tweet by one of the LulzSec members who said that their group does not fear from FBI and other authorities and the group is not dissolving under pressure from any authorities or due to enemy hackers. LulzSec group have hacked many big websites like of Sony, entertainment companies, the CIA, the U.S. Senate, FBI partner organizations and many more.

This group has released various top priority documents of various agencies including 338 files which appear to be internal documents from AT&T Inc. In an interview, a LulzSec member said that their group will disclose some other top priority documents in few months which include at least 5 gigabytes of government and law enforcement data from across the world. The main reason behind this dissolution of their group is that they are getting bored of this hacking thing now. One of the member of the group said that he is leaving this hacking thing but other member of the group will not do so.

Lulzsec group

He also said that other members may join anonymous group which is a bigger hacking group and has targeted the Church of Scientology, Middle Eastern dictatorships, and the music industry and many more. “The press are getting bored of us, and we’re getting bored of us”, One of their members said in a conversation with The Associated Press over the Internet voice program Skype. Kevin Mitnick, a security consultant and former hacker said that the LulzSec members are very clever and they are not bored of this hacking thing.

But in actual, the members of this hacking group will join an anonymous group which is a bigger hacking group. He said that the LulzSec members are trying to stay away from this hacking thing for a while because if they will continue it for long, then there are chances of mistakes which can be disastrous for the group as they can get caught by authorities. LulzSec’s disbanding news came just after a 19-year-old identified as Ryan Cleary, a group member got arrested. This could have become a fatal for this group as they can get identified and can get caught by authorities.