Steve jobs might launch the most awaited iPad3 in September

You must have seen the iPad 2 which was launched in March, this year. Now there are rumours that apple is going to launch iPad 3 in September, this year. Would Steve Jobs really launch two iPads in the same year? This question is raised in almost everyone’s mind and people are in dilemma.  If we consider the previous reports regarding iPad 3, the expected arrival of the product was in March or April 2012. As you all know that apple iPad is an established gadget and it has a proper official website for updates regarding the launch of any new gadget. But, still we believe in these rumours which sometimes play an important role in knowing about new products.

The new iPad has some amazing features which you would love to use. This device is said to feature faster chips, possibly dual core. So you can imagine the performance of this new iPad with dual core. It will be equipped with many more features like SD card slots and USB and even Thunderbolt – slots. IPad 3 is a gadget which you will love to use and it will be thinner than the previous versions.  As per some gadget specialists, the new Ipad 3 might be 3D and the screen with the resolution of 326 pixels per inch would result in a higher resolution display than that found on Apple’s largest 27-inch iMac. Isn’t that sounds amazing? You can experience the 3D effect on your next Ipad.  It will be twice as beautiful as its predecessors.
Steve Jobs to launch ipad 3

The display of the new Ipad 3 is just amazing. Ipad owners have always been coveted for the retina display of iphone 4. But now, you will experience the new gizmos of this new ipad which includes the retina display. It describes the high-resolution display of 326 pixels per inch and it’s probably the most impressive feature on the iPhone 4, which you will experience perhaps in the new ipad. Well, it is evident that this new gadget will be liked by a number of people and its sale will certainly break all records. We can say that Apple has unofficially announced about the launch of this new gadget as John Gruber of Apple blog Daring Fireball was one of the first to set off the rumour who said about the launch of this new gadget in September.