People are now focussing on cellphone gaming

Social games are now becoming a trend for cellphone owners. This year, Tokyo video-game exhibition, plans to make money from selling virtual goodies.

Gree Inc., a social networking service, which started its operation seven years ago in the founder’s living room, was the leading star on the annual Tokyo Game Show. The show sampled to media Thursday ahead of its releasing to the public soon after this week at Makurahi Messe hall in this Tokyo suburb.


EBay now focuses on mobile users

These days, whenever, someone speaks about eBay, everyone would think that it is about auctions. However, that image created a problem for the online marketplace.

People should know that eBay is now more than an auction site since the items that get sold over the site has some fixed priced. These items are far from the antiques and collectibles usually sold at an auction house.