Facebook downplays Google’s menace

According to Silicon Valley star Sean Parker, Facebook would have to commit its biggest mistake before Google Plus can steal its crown.

Parker is the co-founder of the most controversial music-sharing service Napster in the 1990s and his role in Facebook’s climb when a movie adaptation on the life of Facebook creator, Mark Zuckelberg get into the big screen in the movie, “The Social Network.”


EBay now focuses on mobile users

These days, whenever, someone speaks about eBay, everyone would think that it is about auctions. However, that image created a problem for the online marketplace.

People should know that eBay is now more than an auction site since the items that get sold over the site has some fixed priced. These items are far from the antiques and collectibles usually sold at an auction house.


Internet Intermediaries Liability is a hot talk in Europe

Whether it is a scandal on Twitter or counterfeit on eBay, internet intermediary liability is all over Europe grasping strong holds within the country. Currently the courts are looking for steps to regulate these internet mediators and violations. L’Oreal and Motion Picture Association of America are few rights owners who have reported of such uncertainties Read more


eBay Acquires Open Source eCommerce Platform Magento

eBay has announced that they are now too much agreed to acquire Meagento which is a Los Angeles based company that contain more than 290 of the employees, also it is an open source eCommerce platform. This deal also follows by the eBay’s acquisition of a minority stake in the company in the year of 2010 Read more