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HP Touchpad Meets With An Untimely End

HP TouchPad, which hit the shelves just seven weeks ago, is being put out of production due to low sales. The tablet worked on WebOS developed by Hewlett-Packard Co. The end of this gadget is seen to an assertion of the fact that the tablets of Apple are still the most saleable products in the electronic market. Weak sales were also the reason for Dell Steak 5 to go out of business a little while back. Mark Gerber, who is an analyst with Detwiler Fenton, a research and investment firm based in Boston, said that tablets which are not from the house of Apple have failed to generate retail sales. He said that the failure of HP TouchPad is a clear indication of Apple’s supremacy in the tablet market.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Expected To Outsell All Their Tablets

Jerry Shen, the CEO of Asus said that his company has now planning for shipping near about 300,000 units of their Eee Pad Transformer in this month. Not only that those Shen argues, shipment figures will be exceeded shipment for all over the tablets in spite of the Apple iPad. Shen also noticed the Taiwan Economic Times report, which stated that Asus is shipped their 400,000 units in the April and May.