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HTC On The High With Pro 7

Smartphones have taken over the world rapidly. All the work that one intends to do in a PC can be done in a smartphone. One very important advantage of a smartphone is that it can be easily carried from one place to another in one’s pocket since it is obviously much smaller in size than a laptop or PC. The HTC Pro 7 is one such smartphone which can be actually used as a substitute for a PC especially for those who need the internet for a large part of the day due to official or other purposes. The HTC Pro 7 runs on a 1 GHz Scorpion processor which performs well and easily serves your purpose. The phone consists of 448MB RAM and along with it there is a ROM of 512MB. The General Processing Unit or the GPU is the Adreno 200.

Is Amazon Selling HTC Vigor Batteries?

According to Amazon, one of its pages is making HTC Vigor batteries available for sale for customers. The most ironic part is that the phone is not yet released into the market. What is more, the phone has not even been announced officially. There is a lot of confusion about the release date of the phone as well. While some sources have reported that the phone will be released on the 5th of October, others have reported a release on 13th October. The phone is supposed to be released under Verizon network. The features of the battery have also been posted on the page. The battery is supposed to have a capacity of 1,620mAh. The capacity, if suitable for the phone, is bigger than that of the predecessor HTC Thunderbolt., which also runs on Verizon network.