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HTC On The High With Pro 7

Smartphones have taken over the world rapidly. All the work that one intends to do in a PC can be done in a smartphone. One very important advantage of a smartphone is that it can be easily carried from one place to another in one’s pocket since it is obviously much smaller in size than a laptop or PC. The HTC Pro 7 is one such smartphone which can be actually used as a substitute for a PC especially for those who need the internet for a large part of the day due to official or other purposes. The HTC Pro 7 runs on a 1 GHz Scorpion processor which performs well and easily serves your purpose. The phone consists of 448MB RAM and along with it there is a ROM of 512MB. The General Processing Unit or the GPU is the Adreno 200.

Nokia Launches Nokia 500 Smartphone

Nokia is bringing out its smartphones in a real hurry band all these smartphones are providing the buyers a wide range of choice in the market where there are several other brands operating and providing great smartphones as well. Nokia have always tried to get in with quality smartphones without compromising superiority in performance and the new Nokia 500 is no exception to this rule. Even if you do not like Nokia you are bound to love this one! The Nokia 500 tries to keep it simple with a 3.2 inches capacitive touch screen with proximity sensor  thus giving its users the best experience on a smartphone. The sensor works superbly and is really useful for its users. The user interface is excellent as well. The screen resolution is up to 360 x 640.

Camden Borough Council Bolsters The BlackBerry Security Solution

Camden Borough Council has now rolled out for a super three tier security solution in from of the Absolute software to run on 150 BlackBerry devices, though which has now been under developed to run on 1500 laptops. The solution also offers password encryption, password protection and the ability to remotely wipe data.

In this purpose the technical services manager at the London Borough of Camden, Lan Lawrence, explained that these move was on the back of a Gartner report which recommends that these three tires security layers to be implemented. Also he declared “if a device goes for missing then we can easily create a theft report throughout the Absolute Computerize console, aside from that then we can delete the data remotely. Also there is a theft recovery team those are licenses with the Metropolitan Police.”

The service cost will be £12 per license for per BlackBerry and £20 per Laptop. Lawrence also said that the council would also roll out their security for the 150 most highly used, high risks BlackBerry users initially, so along with a view of rolling out the solution will be remaining 450 over the next few years. Also all the laptops under the council currently will also get the benefit of that Absolute security.

Moreover the Absolute software offers too much other components including geo-tagging, which is quite be able to give an operator the ability of creating a Google map fence around the building, which can often notice how many laptops or blackberry is taken out of the building.

Lawrence also expended that the council is now also trying to keep abstract and ahead of regulations as well as ICQ’s power in order to fine out the body that breach of data have now made for it to give more awareness of security.