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New Android Phone From The House Of HTC

HTC, the international mobile phone manufacturer, has unveiled a new phone based on Android. The phone will be called Rhyme. The special feature about the phone is a feature that indicates or intimates the user about receiving a message or call. The phone will be charged at $199. The network host will be Verizon Wireless. The company announced that the phone will be released in the United States from the 29th of September this year. People in Asia and Europe will have access to the phone from October this year. In the past couple of months, there has been an infusion of Android phones in the mobile industry. The phone is powered by Android Gingerbread. It will be available in a stylish plum color in addition to the conventional black. Rhyme is slated to be one of the most stylish phones from the Taiwanese maker HTC.

HTC Will Buy Own Mobile Operating System

Cell phone and tablet manufacturer company HTC has now decided to buy their own mobile Operating System in order to place themselves in a unique position in the market.

In this matter Economic Observer of China report has stated “With the sequence to the fact Cher Wang has said that their company is now taking their time to craft out unique platform that will quite be able to bead existing Operating System platform like Windows phone, iOS and Android – in a sense we exactly want to offer something new in the market.”

Windows 7 Still Leading in Corporate Market

Windows 7 still market leader
According to Forrester, Windows 7 held 20.9 percent of the corporate computer market while Windows XP held 60 percent of the business computer market at the end of March 2011. The share of Windows XP has declined from 69 percent last year. The Forrester study included over 400,000 client computers that were being used by 2500 companies. The study conducted was for the period between Q2 2010 and Q1 2011.

New Revolution Of Cyber Games World

To undertake a full computer games review process you will need to identify the key indicators of a good computer. The same rules apply to laptops and other computer accessories. You also have to look at the consoles to see whether they are suitable for the things that you are doing with your computer.

There are people that have a special interest in computers and therefore they go out of their way to check out the latest developments. You have to ensure that the full computer games review process is able to capture the important things for you when you are using that piece of equipment. These are the essential success criteria: