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Perform Disk Defragmenting Using Windows Task Scheduler In Windows XP

Disk Defragmenter can be say one types of utility, which is used in Microsoft Windows and specially designed in order to increase access speed of the rearranging files those are stored on a disk as well as unnecessarily occupies the contiguous storage location and this technique is known as disk defragmentation. For more by using defragmenting a disk first minimized by its head travel which can help by reducing the total time it takes for its read as well as write of the files to the disk. Moreover this utility also quite be able to reduce the system startup times also.

Step by step procedure of disk defragmenting just by using windows task scheduler:

Create A LAN Connection Between 2 PCs

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to connect two computers together for shearing files as well as resources on the wired way.  Though there is another way means wireless way but this is pretty expensive, for that I am learning you the wired way only.

So in order to do that first you have to use either 2 normal Ethernet cables and a hub or you may do that simple by using a crossover Ethernet cable.  But before doing anything first I considered the two pc such as PC1 and PC2. Then connect the crossover Ethernet cable on both of the computers via LAN RJ45 port (It is available in the most of the computer on the motherboard) and start to configure the computer.

Wants To Speed Up Internet Explorer 8 Load Time In Windows 7-Follow This

Internet explorer is one of the most common features of every Windows. But when a user starts his Internet Explorer a long load time creates a big problem and it is also now a day a common issue of all. This generally happens when the third party add-ons are either protected or packed up with other software at the time of installation. This extra mini programs always loaded along with the core Internet Explorer code each time the Internet Explorer is being launched and makes it slower.

Vanish The Date From The Taskbar In Windows 7

All the time Windows 7 displays the date next to the time display in the notification area of your taskbar or system tray which is a by default features in this operating system. But you can not do anything with this though you always want to hide the date from the taskbar and save display space in Windows 7. But need not to be worry we are here to give you today’s lesson, with the help of which you can be able to vanish your date from the taskbar and can show the time without the date.

Hide Windows Partition/Drive Keep Your Data Be Safe

Many people want their data to be unavailable to others mainly when some other’s uses their computer but they failed to do so. Though there are some easy options available to do such as hide files and folders, encrypt data, using password protected account or moving user data to the removable media like pen drive, CD/DVD Device as well as External HDD device.