Iphone5 Plans To Beat Android and Blackberry

Apple hopes to make inroads with the new iPhone

With the launch of the iPhone5, Apple hopes to achieve the same kind of success that the Company enjoys in its other products, such as the iPod, iPad, and the iTunes. The Company has set out a plan based on internal and external factors to enable Apple to gain a high market share. The Company expects to beat its competitors and achieve the majority that the iPhone has achieved until date.Work with the carriers

The mobile phone service providers influence the users in choosing the mobile handsets. Therefore, the Android sales are higher than the iPhone while iPad enjoys a higher market share when compared to Android. The management prefers the Android because they remain in control while the retail stores personnel also push Android sales. Therefore, Apple needs to have a strategy to overcome this favoritism of the mobile carriers.

Working around the pricing

The manufacturers of Android are providing a free handset with a contract to keep the sales high. In the face of this tough competition, Apple needs to make their phones more affordable for users. The Company’s offer of $49 for the iPhone3GS is a good start, but will Apple provide the iPhone5 at $99, which may result in no profit margins for the Company.

Concentrate on the popular features that appeal to the users

While launching the iPhone4, Apple marketed the high-end features, which are not frequently used by the users. Therefore, while marketing the iPhone5, the Company must focus on bringing forth some of the lower end features that are frequently used by the users to push their sales. The Android and Blackberry users are getting bored with their handsets and are unwilling to exchange their phones for another Android or Blackberry. The messenger feature is catching up and Apple must focus for that in their iPhone5, even if the popularity was gone in a few months.

4G is a mere technological marketing technique

The much-hyped 4G is really nothing as the bigger carriers are marketing networks that have not been built and the smaller carriers boast of networks that are not really 4G. However, most users are unaware of what 4G is or how it works; it is advisable for Apple to include the 4G antenna in its iPhone5. Moreover, if the Company does not provide this feature, again the carriers will promote the other alternatives stating that the new iPhone5 is missing in the 4G capabilities.