Motorola And Sprint Comes Up With Their Best

Nokia’s Photon 4G will surely steal the show with its stunning looks and impressive specifications. The appearance of the phone is simply superb. It is beautifully designed with delicately cut corners. A sheet of Gorilla glass covers the display of the phone. The bottom part of the phone below the display possesses four buttons which helps you select the options of menu, home, back and search. The handset also contains a pair of USB and HDMI connectors. One of the three microphones of the phone is situated towards the front while the other two is situated on the back. The 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash is simply brilliant and you will love to take picture with the help of this. It has the auto focus feature which is quite beneficial.

The videos are shot in HD and when you shoot a video the three microphones remain active and the clarity of the sound is pretty good. The digital zooming of the camera can be quite easily done with the help of the volume button placed on the right side of the phone. Some of the common features of mobile handsets are present here as well which includes the picture effects, picture modes, flash mode, resolution, etc. However there is no provision for the auto focus feature for the videos which are may because much trouble to shoot videos in a close up range. Also the lack of the night mode features may cause the pictures to look dim.

The phone works on NVIDIA’s 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor which provides you with a very high performance. It has a 1 GB RAM and an in-built memory of 16 GB within the handset. The latest version of the Gingerbread is available on the phone. The battery of the phone is the 1650 mAh battery which lasts for a good amount of time.

The display screen remains visible even in the bright sunlight. The phone contains the normal features that are present in most of the other phones and these include the FM and the Bluetooth. It has the GPS system with an A-GPS facility which works at an excellent pace. The WiMAX is another special feature of the phone. The application tray contains defaults such as all apps, Recent, Downloaded and Sprint. Some of the Sprint features include Sprint Music Plus, Sprint Radio and Sprint TV & Movies.

Overall it may be said that this latest handset is one of the best ever and your $200 will be well spent.