T-Mobile Is Looking To Steal The 4G Show

The T-Mobile is starting to make their mark in the smartphone industry with their latest technology where you not only get a QWERTY keypad along with the touchscreen but also 4G data connection and  a blinding speeded camera that shoots whatever you want . The T-Mobile’s myTouch 4GSlide is a one of its kind type of smartphone where you are delivered with a fantastic QWERTY keypad along with the toughened glass touchscreen having HTC sensor 3.0. The handset is superbly designed and its brush metal finish astonishes you with its beauty.  The body of the handset is oval shaped. There is trackball for navigation through menus.

However the phone is a little heavy and therefore also has robustness about it. the 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen is very much responsive thanks to the HTC sensor installed in it. the HTC sensor helps you in your navigation as easy as you can get. The audio quality is the one of the many productive resources the handset delivers. The sound is crystal clear and loud and therefore helps you to listen to good music in a splendid manner.  The my Touch 4G Slide is loaded with the fast 1.2 GHz processor with 768mb of RAM along with 4GB ROM. Therefore you can understand the swift performance it is able to produce. The 1.2 GHz dual core snapdragon processor is an absolute cut throat technology for your fast browsing of apps and data on your handset. Navigation of your menu is also very fast in comparison to other mobiles.

The 8 Mega pixel camera comes with a pack of punch. It takes the best possible photo shoot possible on an 8 mega pixel camera and can take photos at the blink of an eye. The autofocus is a bit slow but it also does not take more than 1 second to get ready. All the photos are clear and it is absolute beauty to have when you have to take many pictures and one can have the feeling that not a single moment will be missed. The HD video recording is made possible with the 4G speed and the camera’s amazing performance. The front end VGA camera makes video conferencing possible on this phone. At last there is the 4G data transfer that opens any website as fast as possible, so there is no problem in browsing the web. The batter back up is also very long to support the specifications that are inserted in this phone. At a price of 199$ it is a real good deal to have the handset ion your kitty.