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T-Mobile Is Looking To Steal The 4G Show

The T-Mobile is starting to make their mark in the smartphone industry with their latest technology where you not only get a QWERTY keypad along with the touchscreen but also 4G data connection and  a blinding speeded camera that shoots whatever you want . The T-Mobile’s myTouch 4GSlide is a one of its kind type of smartphone where you are delivered with a fantastic QWERTY keypad along with the toughened glass touchscreen having HTC sensor 3.0. The handset is superbly designed and its brush metal finish astonishes you with its beauty.  The body of the handset is oval shaped. There is trackball for navigation through menus.

Nokia Set To Launch Oro

Nokia is really making a move on in the smartphone industry with its latest oRo model which will give a lot of headache to other smartphone manufacturers, but obviously , as always the prices is really a bit too high. However the tremendous and glamorous looks and finishes makes this handset a real adorable one for new smartphone buyers. The features have all been upgraded from the earlier version of smartphones, and now it has got into a full swing in the market. It is a real difficult task to highlight on all the luxurious features contained in this handset but the big additions can always be reflected through reviews. The CPU is a powerful 680MHz Arm 11 processor with the Broadcom GPU which when added to the Symbian Anna OS which gives awesome performance at all levels of activity.  

Huawei Honor Will Be In The Smartphones Market Very Soon

Huawei is trying to make their mark on the smartphones market and are bringing out new handsets to capture a fair share of the market. They have announced and will release the Huawei Honor which in itself is good looking and stylish in design. Its price is not announced yet but will be similar to other smartphones in this arena, if possible at a  bit less than them too. The capacitive touchscreen can support display of more than 16 million colors which is a good achievement. The 4” screen is strongly built and has got quality designs. The android OS with version 2.4 Gingerbread is a good technological addition which is attached with the 1.4 GHZ processor which gives great performance.

Kyocera Will Release Its DIGNO By December

The Japanese handset manufacturer Kyocera is making a real head start into the industry of smartphones where there is large no. of smartphones already produced. In spite of all this the new Kyocera Digno is a stylish handset to possess if you do not want to spend so many bucks for an apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. The Kyocera Digno has got great looks and the multi touch input is something which provides the users with smooth touch sensation and fast opening of apps. The 4 inch super AMOLED display is perfect and its brightness also suits your eyes to perfection. The toughened glass is also very strong and can resist friction up to a very high level. The greatest plus point for this handset is that it is really slim. It is only 8.7m thick and can give real headache for the smartphone manufacturers from here on. What’s more, it is also water proof which makes it real user friendly device and easy to operate.