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Chromebook Releases, Google Music Beta, Google Storage

Google announces the Chromebook

Long back Google announced its Chrome OS and we have tried a bit of prototype Chrome OS when we glimpsed netbook Cr-48 at beta testing. Google finally announced its launch at I/O developer event. Google Chromebooks will be made available from June 15 in the US, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK and later, Chromebooks will be launched in many more countries. Chromebooks working on Samsung and Acer machines are made available on Best Buy and Amazon.

Sony’s Xperia Play Android Phone Offers Real Gaming Experience

Sony Xperia is for gamers all the way
Of all the features, which make Sony Xperia special, the best is its gaming experience. The large screen and the multitude of gaming options give a real gaming experience to the phone. The phone is slightly bulky when compared to its previous version, but a lot better as far as gaming in concerned. The sliding format that characterizes the phone is good for gaming. Although the thickness of the phone has been increased due to sliding model, it gives scope for a bigger screen, which offers a perfect PlayStation experience to users.

Learn to Install the Safari Homepage on Your IPad

Windows Internet Explorer has its own homepage and it has become pretty much quite old fashioned and outdated. The ever inventive creators and technicians at Apple have designed a whole new and unique web page for the users of Apple IPad. This is the Safari Web Browser. The Safari Web Browser promises to offer a whole new range of websites and databases. It should be so far the best thing that can make the Internet surfing on the IPad really unique and smooth. However, while it is necessary to be updated with the Safari Web Browser, some people make some grand mistakes in installing and uploading it perfectly on their IPads.