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Apple Will Organize Their Media Event This Coming September

A rumor has been started to spread out due to Apple iPhone, which will launch at the Apple media event this coming September 7.

With the sequence to the fact a Japanese website Kodawarisan has claimed that Apple actually want to hold their traditional fall media even on that date, that’s why they have reserved that date for their iPods. Though, the other rumors are starting to say or have stated earlier that Apple may bring their next generation iPhone on that day.

Control Your TV and DVD Player From iPhone

Here is a good news for those people who actually feel too much lazy at the time of picking up the TV remote in order to change the TV channel.

Now, a Brerlin based company has developed a new gadget which can convert totally an iPhone into a universal TV controller that can work approx all major model of television.

Manufacturing Touchpad Costs As Much As or More Than $325

Components and assembling HP Touchpad is priced at $328

The advent of numerous touch screen gadgets has done nothing to reduce the cost of manufacturing the devices. The most expensive among all the components of a touch screen gadget is the touch panel. The LCD screen of the HP Touchpad, which is sized at 9.7 inches alone, costs $69 for manufacturing. Other accessories of the pad cost an additional $63. All together, the cost of the touch display alone comes up to $132, which is higher than a third of the entire manufacturing cost.

500,000 Android Activations Every Day – Google

Andy Rubin, from Google, has tweeted that providers of wireless service are activating more than 500,000 android devices every day all over the world. Andy Rubin is Google’s vice president of engineering. He continued that the number of devices being activated have registered an increase by the day. On an average, a 4.4% increase in activation every week.