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Nokia Launches Nokia 500 Smartphone

Nokia is bringing out its smartphones in a real hurry band all these smartphones are providing the buyers a wide range of choice in the market where there are several other brands operating and providing great smartphones as well. Nokia have always tried to get in with quality smartphones without compromising superiority in performance and the new Nokia 500 is no exception to this rule. Even if you do not like Nokia you are bound to love this one! The Nokia 500 tries to keep it simple with a 3.2 inches capacitive touch screen with proximity sensor  thus giving its users the best experience on a smartphone. The sensor works superbly and is really useful for its users. The user interface is excellent as well. The screen resolution is up to 360 x 640.

Samsung And Microsoft Tie Up Against Apple Ipad

In a surprise move between the smart phones titans, Samsung and Microsoft have tied up. Samsung will bring out a smart phone that will work on Microsoft operating system. This is being seen as a move that will enable Microsoft to take on Apple iPad. A conference that is to be held in California in the next week will be used as the platform for this announcement. Samsung will incorporate Windows 8 in the new device. The news was reported by Korea Economic Daily.