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Syntex Makes A Move With The Window 7 OS In Their Tablet

A large number of tablets are available in the market nowadays and often we look for those of so called “branded” companies like Samsung, HTC and the Apple. Apple has been in prime form and it Ipad is going strong. Their demand is fairly high too. But those who do not want to use Ipad may like to switch over to some other models which can provide them the latest Windows Operating System and here it is, the Skytex S-series tablet pc coming with the Windows 7 which will meet up the shortage of such h tablets in the market. The Skytex Technology provides you with a unique EXO-PC technique that provides you with their much appraised touch-centric user interface. The processor is the dual core IntelAtom N550 processor which is probably the frequently used processor in tablet and is the ultimate for mobile computing till now. The processor speed is fast and it meets up to the requirements of the user.