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Huawei Honor Will Be In The Smartphones Market Very Soon

Huawei is trying to make their mark on the smartphones market and are bringing out new handsets to capture a fair share of the market. They have announced and will release the Huawei Honor which in itself is good looking and stylish in design. Its price is not announced yet but will be similar to other smartphones in this arena, if possible at a  bit less than them too. The capacitive touchscreen can support display of more than 16 million colors which is a good achievement. The 4” screen is strongly built and has got quality designs. The android OS with version 2.4 Gingerbread is a good technological addition which is attached with the 1.4 GHZ processor which gives great performance.

Android Usage By Phone Manufacturers Provides Interesting Results

A survey conducted recently has revealed interesting results about usage of Android operating system by various phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG and the others. The company that uses Android the most is Samsung. It has thirty smart phones that run on android technology. These phones have been supplied to various network providers. However, the company that has come out as the one that is most updated in Android usage is HTC.

Chinese telecoms company Huawei appoints former UK government CIO John Suffolk as its cyber security head

John Suffolk, the ex-government CIO who had resigned from his post in November 2010 has been named by Huawei as its Global Cyber Security Officer (GSCO).  John Suffolk will be responsible for executing the task of formulation and implementation of Huawei’s global cyber security assurance strategy and schemes.