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Kindle Fire Hampers iPad Sales

According to the industry report it has found that Amazon’s big glory Kindle Fire tablets are eating few iPad sales. In this matter Tavis McCourt has claimed that the total number of selling Apple iPads have been lower down from 16 to 13 million due to the selling of high amount of Amazon Kindle tablets.

Amazon Updates Kindle Fire Version To 6.2.1

Yesterday shopping giant Amazon has released brand new version of their Kindle fire software that is version 6.2.1. Their main aim behind this beautiful updates is to improve its UI performance that they noticed earlier on the basic of their many customer complains. Any user of Kindle Fire can easily get it from internet, because Amazon already started to distribute this update all over the air.

Amazon Next Plan To Bring A Smartphone

Mark Mahaney who is a market analyst of Citigroup has revealed that Amazon is planning on launching its smartphone soon. The smartphones from Amazon will hit the market during the Holiday season Next year, according to him. It has been known that the company is sailing their Kindle Fire Tabs at a loss. But it is expected that the company will make profit in the hardware section of the coming smartphones.

Surprisingly Low Price For Amazons Kindle Fire Tabs

The IHS iSuppli teardown experts have disclosed that Amazon spends $ 201.70 to build up the new Kindle Fire while they are sailing it for $ 199, which is bringing nearly $ 3 loss to them. Previously many other experts have predicted much larger loss for Amazon if Amazon would fixed such low price for the Kindle Fire only to beat other similar devices, like Apple iPad 2, which costs $ 499 or the Nook Tablet which cost $ 249. But now experts believe that Amazon will turn the loss into profit with the help of the sale of products and apps.

Amazon Unveils Kindle Owners Lending Library For Their Prime Owners

Selling giant Amazon has recently introduced a new feature for its Prime membership owners. Its name is Kindle Owners Lending. Like its name with the help of it the owners of kindle can check out one book per month digitally. Even it will not charge any fee for that. So its user can enjoy it completely free of cost.

Only the kindle users with an Amazon Prime membership will get the benefit of using this program. It will work on any kindle devices. Even company declared that it will eventually work with upcoming Kindle Fire.