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LG-Intel Smartphone Expected To Hit This Coming CES

Various tech informations along with tittle-tattle news have been started to arrive on the scene as a welcome sign of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, approaching shortly. Among the recently found rumors the most interesting one has been come from LG. At the CES scheduled from 10th – 14th January at the Vegas Convention Center LG is bringing an all new Intel powered smartphone, the Korea Times has reported.

Sprint’s Testing Method For Its Phones

Launch of new phones always vague

It is commonly seen that when a mobile handset manufacturer unveils its plan to launch a new phone, the date is always vague. The company makes statements like “the summer”, or “second half of the current year”. This results in individuals eagerly awaiting the actual date of the launch. On most occasions, the actual launch is delayed, which makes the fans and technical journalists impatient. Often, a question is raised if there are any problems with the new phone.

Technological Illetracy In Todays Aspect

Electronic illiteracy refers to the inability to handle new technologies due to lack of knowledge, ignorance and exclusion. While anyone can be a technological illiterate, often highlight in those sectors excluded from society. It also addresses the degree of illiteracy tends to vary with respect to age, sex, religion, customs, countries, etc. Another factor that increases the electronic illiteracy is technophobia.