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Cello Comes Up With A Cheap 3D TV

In general, one may expect that a television set with the new 3D technology will cost quite a hefty amount. Moreover they are also equipped with the latest technologies available in the world and of course in terms of the appearance they certainly have an edge over the other televisions. However this whole new view point may change as the new Cello C42T71DVB 3D TV has recently been introduced in the market. This new TV is priced only at £450. While trying to find out the reason behind the low price of this television one may notice that some of the specifications are not up to the mark. For example, even though the pictures are of HD quality they do not follow a pixel to pixel ratio setting. In spite of all these it must be said that this new TV is quite worth its buy.

Nokia Flies High With Its Newly Launched E7

Nokia, the leading manufacturer of mobile handsets has recently launched the Nokia E7 which promises to further increase its reputation of producing some of the best handsets ever. It looks like a Nokia N8 while the slider reminds us of the Nokia N97.The phone consists of a QWERTY keypad which possesses nicely designed soft keys that are easy for the fingers to play with. An AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 360×640 pixels combined with its smart finishing gives the phone an expensive and gorgeous look. On the top of the phone there is the 3.5mm jack on the left and microUSB v2.0 port on the right. Despite its relatively low resolution the screen displays striking colors consisting of dark grey, orange, blue, green and silver white.It has an 8MP camera with dual LED flash and a resolution of 3266×2450 pixels, placed on the back.

Technological Illetracy In Todays Aspect

Electronic illiteracy refers to the inability to handle new technologies due to lack of knowledge, ignorance and exclusion. While anyone can be a technological illiterate, often highlight in those sectors excluded from society. It also addresses the degree of illiteracy tends to vary with respect to age, sex, religion, customs, countries, etc. Another factor that increases the electronic illiteracy is technophobia.

Rip music CD to mp3 in Windows Vista

This procedure is applied near about all versions of windows vista, because windows vista is associated with such features which already gave the users the ability of ripping the music to mp3 file format for free. Also near about all the music players including Apple’s iPod will not play the default wma format.  Moreover by using mp3 format you can quite ensure that you can listen all types of music to your music device.