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Devices connected to cellular networks pose risk, being hacked

Driving and texting do not go well together, although in a way different from what one can think. Computer hackers can unlock some car doors and start their engines without key by sending specially designed messages to car’s anti-theft system. They can also spy where you have been tapping GPS system. This is done since car alarms, GPS system and some other devices are connected to cellular networks and receive commands by text messaging.  This allows to change the settings remotely and gives hackers a way in.

Android Updated With Google Docs Version 1.0.16

Google has updated the Google docs feature in Android. The new version is Google docs v1.0.16 and it houses a number of new features, the major of them being web clipboard. With this app, it has become very easy to add images to Google docs. With this app, users can click pictures with their camera enabled smart phone and directly put the image in Google docs. The other important addition that has been made in the new version is inclusion of more languages. The languages in Google docs app have been upgraded to forty six.

Chromium Browser to Be Made Compatible to Android

Google plans to launch Chromium browser on Android platform. Although android is the product of Google, many have wondered about the absence of the obvious Chromium browser on the platform. Critic and Google supporters alike have wondered on the necessity of developing a separate Chrome OS when Android has already become immensely popular. The current browser present in Android is an open source browser like chrome. It is based on WebKit. However, the difference between the two is that while Chrome and Chromium are both open course browser, the android browser is a closed source one. Google now plans differently.

Are your top executives depressing your supply chain?

Organizing operational assets and making long-term assurances regarding production and supply related risks is not just enough to create a global supply chain that can successfully survive in this world of growing complications and uncertainties. In addition to this there are considerable organizational challenges as well which is because of the influence of sales team, marketers and product developers on decision and activities of any company’s supply chain group and vice versa.

Can Google successfully emulate Apple?

Much has already been written about the deal between Google and Motorola. A lot has been said about how the deal adds about 60% to the headcount for Google. Also, a lot has been written about what the deal means for the partners of the Android platform such as HTC and Samsung. Also in news has been the access which Google has gained to Motorola’s vast annals of patents. The argument that is of great interest is in context with Apple and the idea is that Google wants to use the deal to become an integrated supplier, i.e. a supplier of both software and hardware, just like Apple. It is definitely a fact that the ways of Apple are the best way to follow. Even if we keep ideological arguments aside the balance sheets would definitely agree.