Windows Phone Apps Will Run With Windows 8

Operating System manufacturing company Microsoft is now once again in the cover page for their upcoming brand new operating system. Though, before that various reports have published regarding it – now on that list one new added while Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA has stated “Windows 8 will run the entire windows phone 7 Read more


Tips for a great CIO

A CIO must bring a positive change. A Chief Information Officer, or CIO, has the responsibility of directing and operating the information technology department of an organization. Certain skills and qualifications are required to earn this title. No one can know if a CIO has gone from good to great without working with him or Read more

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Google TV will soon make its presence in UK

With its prominent presence in the PC and mobile worlds, Google is going to make its presence in TV world which will offer internet browsing. This service has already been launched in US. Accessed through a special set-top box, the service is due to launch in the UK within six months. The Google TV innovation Read more