Google News removed a website from its index

On Tuesday, Google News officials quickly removed a website from its search index, which had contracted with a local water district, in producing promotional stories “written in the image of real news.”

The move was a response to a Los Angeles Times article about the strange agreement between the Central Basin Municipal Water District and a consulting firm affiliated with the news website, News Hawks Review. Under the deal, the water district, a public agency based in southeast L.A. County, paid virtually $200,000 to the firm so that they would publish positive articles that emerged on Google News.


Windows 8 launch date got postponed

Microsoft did not proceed with the introduction of the newest operating System. Microsoft claims that there latest software not yet ready for the market since it is not only going to power desktop and laptop computers, but it is also been used as OS for iPad.

Windows division president Steven Sinofsky emphasized touchscreen tablets on Tuesday while boasting about the diverse types of hardware, which Windows 8 will run after its certified release.


Company recalls their bionic ear product

The company that created the bionic ear issued a memorandum that would recall all the world’s thinnest hearing implants after the report, that some of their products suddenly stop working.

Cohclear, The Sydney-Based Company which leads the way in the world’s bionic ear market, they do not; know the reason why the award-winning Nucleus CI500 devices were abruptly shutting down.


Apple Security Updates Addressing DigiNotar Certificates

iPhone giant Apple is now once again in the enter lime light this time by taking issue of an update for 10.6 Snow Leopard systems and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion systems, which at this time is addressing the recent security branch related to the DigiNotar’s fake SSL certificates. The above certificate patch has removed Read more