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AT&T Is Soon Going To Increase Mobile Insurance Rate

AT&T has announced that they will soon increase the monthly fees for mobile insurance. The increased fees will be applicable from the coming 4th October 2011. The company has charged $ 4.99 for one month and an additional non – refundable deductible price for the replacement claims.

Google News removed a website from its index

On Tuesday, Google News officials quickly removed a website from its search index, which had contracted with a local water district, in producing promotional stories “written in the image of real news.”

The move was a response to a Los Angeles Times article about the  strange agreement between the Central Basin Municipal Water District and a consulting firm affiliated with the news website, News Hawks Review. Under the deal, the water district, a public agency based in southeast L.A. County, paid virtually $200,000 to the firm so that they would publish positive articles that emerged on Google News.

A Google spokesman claims News Hawks Review had dishonored its guidelines and would no longer come out on Google News searches. The spokesman never explains that violation that the agency did.

Last year, News Hawks Review, had made available published over 30 stories about Central Basin.  The topics come in a wide range, from recycled water system and its legal battle over groundwater rights. The site seemed to be self-governing; it showed its own advertisements and recorded short memoirs of its reporters and editors.

However, Google was able to detect the connection of News Hawks Review with the Coghlan Consulting Group, a corporate communications firm  employed by Central Basin last November. The deal, which will last until April next year, calls for the firm to create one story about the water district every week that would equivalent to a monthly fee of $11,500.

Danny Sullivan, a search engine expert based in Orange County, said Google News had eliminated sites from its index before but that no public agency got involve in the news index before.

He also said the News Hawks case could make Google to reconsider its procedure for giving access to sites to the news index.

Google News always makes sure that the news that gets index are legitimate news rather that those coming from individuals or marketing companies.

The principal of Coghlan Consulting Group, Ed Coghlan, pitched News Hawks Review as a way for Central Basin so that it could enhance their image on the internet.

Coghlan stressed the fact that, in Google News classification, the pieces about Central Basin “would normally show up as news stories online. Before it got revoked by Google, the News Hawks articles were one of the top search results for news  connected to Central Basin.

Although the bulk of its articles related to Central Basin, News Hawks also endorsed other subjects.

Windows 8 launch date got postponed

Microsoft did not proceed with the introduction of the newest operating System.  Microsoft claims that there latest software not yet ready for the market since it is not only going to power desktop and laptop computers, but it is also been used as  OS for iPad.

Windows division president Steven Sinofsky emphasized touchscreen tablets on Tuesday while boasting about the diverse types of hardware, which Windows 8 will run after its certified release.

Sinofsky was part of a Microsoft team responsible for providing an in-depth look at Windows 8 to software developers at a BUILD conference the US technology giant, which is holding this week in southern California.

Windows 8  created so that all kinds of computers can easily be controlled with taps or swipes of screens, motions familiar to owners of smartphones or tablet computers.

It is said that the operating system  also designed to let individual applications to work together and, to allow coordination of files across several Windows 8 devices.

Sinofsky showed the point by letting someone take a picture using a camera-enabled desktop computer pop up on a tablet.

Microsoft hopes to shape Windows 8 to be its answer to criticism that it had given up on the tablet computer space to Google’s Android platform and Apple, which has ruled a market it stirred with the release of the iPad.

Microsoft was so keen on letting independent developers work on applications for Windows 8 that it gave tablet computer models to each of the 5,000 BUILD attendees, so they could begin messing with the software.

The week-long gathering is going to be overcrowded with sessions at which developers is going to be educated in nuances of building applications for Windows 8.

Software savants that can not attend during the event will have the chance to download developer copies of Windows 8 at starting at 0300 GMT on Wednesday.

Windows 8 will need to hit several more milestones before an enhanced version is going to be released to hardware makers for fixing in devices that are going to the market.

Microsoft hopes that Windows 8 is going to be refined with some help from feedback of developers. Microsoft did not announce a final date for releasing its latest OS.

Windows 8 also fashioned to have harmony with Live computer programs that Microsoft proposes as online services as part of a reinforcing trend toward using applications in the Internet “cloud.”

To date, there are around 542 million people monthly that signs into Windows Live services, the array of which includes Hotmail email, SkyDrive file storage, and Xbox gaming, based on the reports of Microsoft.

Company recalls their bionic ear product

The company that created the bionic ear issued a memorandum that would recall all the world’s thinnest hearing implants after the report, that some of their products suddenly stop working.

Cohclear, The Sydney-Based Company which leads the way in the world’s bionic ear market, they do not; know the reason why the award-winning Nucleus CI500 devices were abruptly shutting down.

The company has started recalling the whole Nucleus CI500 range, making up the bulk of its sales, from shelves after a report that many of its products have some flaws in it.

Whereas Cochlear thinks the faults are doubtful to cause any health problems for people with flawed implants they are offering substitution models for re-implantation.

The news sent Cochlear’s shares into a tailspin, with the stock plummeting more than 25 percent at one stage amid uncertainties about the economic impact and possible damage to the company’s standing the recall could cause.

Shares in Cochlear fell 14.68 Australian dollars ($15.21), or 20 percent, to close Monday at AU$57.50 ($59.58), the lowest in more than two years.

Cochlear chief executive Chris Roberts said he was incapable of saying how many of the supremely reliable titanium-based devices were out of order.

As less than 1 percent of the Nucleus CI500 devices had unsuccessful since they hit the market in 2009, there had been a constant rise in faults  accounted in recent weeks.

Robert said that they need to  evaluate as they want to avoid saying it is ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘c’ when they have to up every stone and check option.

People built-in with CI500 units but who have not come across with any problems  advised to carry on using the device.

The intentional recall of the Nucleus CI500 range incorporates the CI512 model as well as the CI513, CI551 double array implant and ABI 541 hearing brainstem implant.

The move does not have an effect on the previous Nucleus Freedom range or its Nucleus 5 exterior hearing devices.

Construction of the CI500 devices has closed, and patients, who need bionic ear implants, presented with the Nucleus Freedom model, which is existent seven years ago.

Roberts said Cochlear was more contented with halting manufacture until the cause of the flaws got  uncovered.

Roberts can not say how long it would take before the devices were back on sale but said if any alterations had to be made; the company would require getting regulatory support from the countries that the sold units come.

Twitter Feed Of NBC News Hacked

Few days earlier a group of hackers wrote on the news station feed that a civilian aircraft had been hijacked and crashed into the World Tread Center, though it was a pretty old incident, happened a long years ago on the date of 11 September 2011, but few days earlier it has completed 10 years.