Apple Inc. wins court decision over Samsung’s Tablet

Apple Inc. just won the court ruling against the ban that got filed for the units of Samsung. The German court tried to stop Samsung from selling their ‘Galaxy 10.1 tablets in Europe’s biggest economy’.

Good thing for Apple, that they won the lawsuit. Samsung, on the other hand, vows to make an appeal with the jurisdiction. Both companies got locked with an international battle over smartphone and tablet rights since April.


Paul Ceglia accuses Facebook of violating his privacy

Paul Ceglia, the man who claims that he is half the owner of Facebook claimed that the world largest social networking site violated his rights. He accused Facebook of publishing some of his email password. According to the filed case of Ceglia, Facebook’s lawyers had some passwords to his Web-based email accounts in a court document reported on September 1 in federal court, in Buffalo, New York.


Motorola Atrix Smartphone – Not As Powerful ?

A new source of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has stated that the company Motorola can not claim its own Atrix cell phone as world’s most powerful smartphone. Not only that in this matter ASA have collected a bulk amount of evidence those are pointing out that at present Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 is Read more


McAfee Report Claim Google Android as the Platform Most Attacked By Malware

Latest reports by McAfee, the security maker for computer systems, say that Android is the platform that is most attacked by malware when compared to any other platform. According to the report, in the second quarter, there was a 76% increase in the attacks by malware on android devices. This is the highest attacked mobile Read more


Israel now allows Google to take pictures of their streets

Israel Government finally allowed Google to monitor their street through the use of cars with mounted camera on it. The images are going to be sent to Google maps, so Google can provide a clearer view of the area.

The decision got taken from the previous week by Israel’s data security watchdog, ILITA that gave Google Street View the rights to send their cars to monitor the street of Israel. The cars are going to collect a series of photo from any area that it goes.