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Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 On The Way To Be Appeared

Samsung has spent the whole year fighting with Apple over patent issues. Apple has claimed that the Korean tech giant has copied their iphones and ipads into Galaxy series smartpho0nes and tabs. Samsung has suffered ban in place over the sale of Samsung Galaxy tabs. They even were forced to redesign their Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 in Germany to dodge the ban over the sale in the country.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus With Verizon About To Be Released

Although in the international market the alternative version of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus has already made its debut the people of United States are still looking for the CDMA version of the aforementioned smartphone from Verizon. According to Scoop the Korean tech giant has already shipped the Galaxy Nexus and the CDMA version of the handset with Verizon will be available from the coming Friday 9th, 2011. Verizon announced that they would be releasing the CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus in the very end of the year 2011. Later some source said that the handset will be available in $ 199 with a two-year contract scheme.

Microsoft Has Planned To Make Smartphones Like PCs And Tabs

An executive from the reputed Qualcomm has reported that Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system based PCs and tablets will show more resemblance to big size smartphones than conventional desktops. CEO of the mobile chip making company Mr. Paul Jacobs has mentioned that the motto is to be connected always – to access internet anytime from anywhere – to be updated all the time.

Google Shows How To Opt Out Of Its Location Database

Most recently for the owners of Wi-Fi networks Google has triggered an option of avoiding Google’s location database. Google was at the centre of discussion over the summer regarding the issue.

Now, let us understand how the whole process works and what can be done in order to prevent it. In an area of a couple of hundred feet the devices that have activated Wi-Fi connection can forward MAC address which is actually a unique hardware identifier to any device that is capable of reading the address. The work procedure of Google’s Android based smartphones is to pull together these identifiers and propel them back to the Google Location Server.

Android Based Smartphones Have Topped In Sale In Q3, 2011

The market research firm Gartner after their recent survey has disclosed that Google’s Android based smartphone sale is growing on rapidly. Nearly 115 million smartphones have been sold worldwide in the third quarter of 2011. Out of them 60 million which is 52.2 percent of the total smartphone sale is Android Based Smartphones.

The famous research firm has indicated to the growing popularity of Android among smartphone lovers. The ratio of the preference and sale of iOS and Android is now 3:1. The ratio is still growing on in e favor of Android. One of the reasons behind the decreasing popularity of iOS among people is the unexpected trouble given by iOS 5.