Samsung’s Upcoming Message Application Knocking At The Door

Great news for Samsung users all over the world. The Korean company has recently launched its latest app in market. They announced it earlier. The new app called ChatON, which is a messaging app is available in the Android market. It has been specified at the company’s side that the app is able to run Read more


Death of Steve Jobs nourishes IPhone mania

On Friday, Apple store got by the iPhone 4 S craze as million of Apple fans flocked to the nearest store. All of them hopes that they could own the last iPhone that Steve Jobs created.

The iconic chief executive’s death caused a more somber air than usual to a number of Apple shops rejoicing the launch of the iPhone 4S, with fans placing flowers alongside the long lines waiting to buy.


RIM tries to resolve issue on Blackberry outage

The developer of Blackberry smartphone is currently busy on fixing their service. They want to end a three-day global service disruption frustrating millions of customers and inflated pressure on its management to make extensive changes.

On Wednesday, Research In Motion, hurriedly announced conference call, vowing to deliver all suspended email and instant messages to customers in five continents upset by the outage.