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Acers New Launch Promises To Be Great

The demands of consumers are becoming more and more complex. In the age of tablets, smart phones and laptops it is becoming tougher everyday to survive in the market as new devices with even better specifications are being produced at regular intervals. The Acer Iconia Tab A100 has a decent price tag but it is to be seen whether it will be able to topple its competitors with some great specifications or not. The tablet has already grabbed eyeballs as it is the first tablet to have the Android Honeycomb in its 7 inch display.

LG Takes A Step Ahead With Its 4G Thrill

Smartphones market is a new place of innovation for all the manufacturers and it is not clearly at its saturation point. The LG 4G Thrill tries to prove the best. It comes with loads of features. But really does it meet up to its expectations? Let us see. The Thrill’s design is really stunning. The black metal finish is something not unique but when you combine with it the designs that LG brings on it with front end camera and four capacitive menu keys it is really something to watch out for. Along with the 4.3 glossy screen you find the back end camera on the plastic cover with a single metal strip. It is lightweight and weighs only 6 ounces with a width if 5.1 inches at most. It is of same size of Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC EVO 3D.

Vizio Launches Its New Tablet

After a huge amount of success in the manufacture of HD TVs, Vizio has launched its new tablet. The tablet is comparatively cheap and it is to be seen it can possibly compete against the big players in the tabloid market. A very interesting feature of this tablet is that one can control home theatre with the help of the IR blaster present in this tablet.

Nokia Flies High With Its Newly Launched E7

Nokia, the leading manufacturer of mobile handsets has recently launched the Nokia E7 which promises to further increase its reputation of producing some of the best handsets ever. It looks like a Nokia N8 while the slider reminds us of the Nokia N97.The phone consists of a QWERTY keypad which possesses nicely designed soft keys that are easy for the fingers to play with. An AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 360×640 pixels combined with its smart finishing gives the phone an expensive and gorgeous look. On the top of the phone there is the 3.5mm jack on the left and microUSB v2.0 port on the right. Despite its relatively low resolution the screen displays striking colors consisting of dark grey, orange, blue, green and silver white.It has an 8MP camera with dual LED flash and a resolution of 3266×2450 pixels, placed on the back.