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Small And Free Way To Use And Mount ISO Image Files-Without Burning Them

Alcohol and Demon tools can be referred as an excellent software packages that give the user the ability of mounting ISO files in its virtual CD-ROMs. But this technique is too much common and older too. Today I am teaching you another new technique mount ISO files without burning it to any disk.

Though I love the previous tools also but Microsoft has released a free only 60 kb program that is quite being able to do the same thing. Though it is true that it is not an easy as well as user friendly software like this two, but it also works freely.


  1. Download the software “winxpvirtualcdcontrolpanel” from anywhere and installed it.
  2. Go to the start menu.
  3. Open run command.
  4. In the blank space type “%systemroot%”.
  5. After that move your cursor towards system 32 folder and then drivers folder and open it.
  6. On the driver folder execute VCdControlTool.exe file.
  7. Next click on the “Driver control”.
  8. If there is any option named as “Install Driver” click it otherwise navigate to the following way-
  9. %systemroot%\system32\drivers.
  10. Then on that folder select VCdRom.sys and hit enter to open it.
  11. Next click on the “Start button”.
  12. Now click on the “OK” button.
  13. Next you will find an option like “Add Drive”, click on it to add a drive to the drive list.
  14. Then do select an unused drive letter from your drive list.
  15. After that click on the mount.
  16. Next navigate to the image file and select it and then click on the “OK” button.
  17. Now your image will successfully mount.
  18. So just try this and enjoy. 

Restore Keyboard Command For Killing The X Server In Ubuntu

In the earlier versions of Ubuntu, for stopping the X server the key sequence is Ctrl + Alt + Backspace and it was enabled there by default. But in the latest versions of Ubuntu like version 10.04 and 10.10 unfortunately disabled this key sequence by default.  So, many of us are facing now this problem at the time of doing that. But need not to be worried, I am here. Today I shall teach you step by step how to restore that keyboard command in the new versions of Ubuntu.  Just read the rest article carefully.

Install PC Linux from a USB Drive

Burning disks images either CD/ DVD has not a day’s become a quite rarity. Moreover any disk images that we require can be easily mounted just by using a virtual disk tools like Demon tools or Virtual Disk tools. But these tools have also a limitation range. You cannot use this outside the operating system. But there is an easy process to do that and you can also do that easily.

Suppose you want to install any Linux operating system in your computer such as: Ubuntu, Mint or Fedora. Then you have to burn a CD / DVD for that operating system. This is also quiet expensive too. So in this matter you may use Unetbootin. It is a very simple software as well as free ware, which can also help you to write a disk image inside your pen drive as well as external hard disk by making a boot sector there. Moreover this has also an advantage, if any files of the disk images has been missing from there it will download it automatically from the internet.  Now I know you must think how you can get that. Need not to be worry it is a freeware, there’s a lots of website from which you can download that.


  • Plug-in your pen-drive into the USB of your PC.
  • Format your pen drive.
  • Choose the disk image from the distribution list.
  • Or you may choose the disk images from the hard disk or any other location of your storage.
  • Then do select the pen drive letter and hit on the OK button.
  • Wet till the process will complete.
  • After that reboot your computer.
  • Now select your boot option as pen drive, that’s why operating system can boot from your pen drive.
  • As the transferring rate of the data is too much faster than CD / DVD so operating system gets installed from it too much faster than earlier.
  • So just do it and enjoy.

[Note: In this matter your pen drive capacity must be larger than the size of the operating system.]

Reset the Recycle Bin In Windows Vista

Sometimes it happens that your recycle may be corrupted or may be prevented you from deleting the files from it. But need not to be worry here I am giving some simple steps with the help of which you can get the full functionary of your Recycle Bin.

But before doing anything first you need to view the hidden files and folders as well as protected operating system files of your computers. But if you do not know then just follow the following:

  1. Do simple click on the Start button of your computer.
  2. Then select Computer.
  3. Then just press the Alt button of your keyboard and hold it.
  4. Your Menu will appear in front of you.
  5. Then choose Tools.
  6. Again from the same menu select Folder Options.
  7. Now select the View tab.
  8. Under the hidden files and folder select Show hidden files and folders button.
  9. Also unclick on the Hide protected operating system files.
  10. Now click on the OK button.
  11. And finish it.

Your hidden system files will be appeared in front of you. Then do the following.

Do the following work on your Recycle Bin:

  1. First select your C:\, which means thee specific drive where your operating system vista is installed.
  2. Then find $ Recycle bin.
  3. Do delete your $Recycle.Bin, you can do it easily just by right clicking on the file and by selecting Delete.
  4. In this matter you may face some option like “You want to delete this folder permanently.”
  5. Then click on the yes button.
  6. Now it will ask you to confirm the action.
  7. Just click on the continue button.
  8. Now the UPS prompt will appears in front of you.
  9. Just click on the continue button.
  10. Next one option opened in front of you “You want to permanently delete this folder.”
  11. Then again click on the yes button.
  12. If you do the previous correctly then delete file dialogue will appear in front of you.
  13. Then just click on the Do this for all current items from the checkbox.
  14. Next click on the yes button.
  15. Next you have to confirm that you want to delete each and every file, so click on the checkbox.
  16. After that just restart your computer.
  17. Now you can get your recycle bin fully functional again.
  18. Then again hidden the system files and folder.
  19. So how simple is that, just try it today and enjoy.

Extend List Of Commands To Add To Right-Click Menu On Your Windows

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to extend list of commands for adding on the right-click menu on your computer as well as your windows. So basically all the time you want to open Registry Editor, but to do so you have to open up the run command then you have to type there regedit. But no need to do that, here is a simple tricks with the help of which you will quite be able to open up your registry editor. Just follow the following carefully: