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Apple’s Injunction Does Not Affect the Popularity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple cried foul about the explosively popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet saying that the elements of design were copied from iPad. While the patent war between the world majors in handsets and tablets is on in its full swing, this move by Apple was seen as many as a sign of insecurity since Samsung showed a stunning growth of a stunning 365% in the second quarter of this year alone. Apple had the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 brought under the scanner and had the court impose a blanket ban on selling the device anywhere in Europe other than the Netherlands. This week, however, the ban was lifted and the device was made available for sale until the appeal by Samsung which is to take place next week. 

iPhone 5 speculations, iPad real competitors and Child hacker- all on The Weekly Round-Up

Starting the Round-Up with some Apple, people around the country and many interwebs and tech journalists and bloggers are waiting for the next generation iPhone to hit the stores which the company has not yet confirmed when. According to the iPhone 5 speculations, the phone will comprise of new enclosure with 4 inch screen and an 8 mega pixel camera. Whether it will be iPhone 5 or 4G or 4GS, it is not sure until its launch in September or October this year. When asked from the people about their expectations from this new iPhone, many of them asked for good battery life and sleek body. Better camera and water proof body were also some answers but did not come for many mouths. There are people who will ready switch to new iPhone 5 and few will wait for some months to get the reviews. In any case, Apple will surely seek the advantage!

Apple Steals the Show in the Q2– Tops Smart Phone Market: – Samsung Very Impressive

According to the latest survey by ICD, Apple has made a clean sweep of the smart phone market by capturing a majority share. The company has sold 20.3 million smart phones in the second quarter, with Samsung following at a close second. The company captured 19.1% of the smart phone market share. While the company sold 8.4 million smart phones in the second quarter of 2010, the sales in 2011 grew by an astounding 141.7%. The sales of iPhone has remained largely unaffected by the continuous postponement of iPhone 5, which was due in June, was postponed to September and as per the latest reports, the launch will now take place in October. 

More Details about iPhone 5 Revealed

iPhone 5 has been under speculations ever since it was announced. More concrete evidence has now come to light that Apple is planning for the fifth generation phone to be more than just an upgrade. The phone features a new size and is a lot more powerful than its predecessors. The major changes in the appearance of the phone are a slimmer design and bigger display. Shaw Wu, an analyst, said that the phone does seem to be a lot more than an upgrade of the previous version. The facts have come to light through chain supply sources. iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen and the new phone will definitely have a bigger display although the overall size will be same. A bigger screen is expected to make usage easier. The processor used in the phone will be A5 processor. iPad 2 also uses the same processor.

Apple Is Dominating Smartphone Industry Just With iPhone4

iPhone 4, a product from the house of Apple, has passed more than a year of its journey, that’s why in the technology field it has become one of the ancient technology in this world. But more surprising news is that with this new product this mobile phone giant Apple is still dominating the smartphone industry and there should not be any doubt about that.