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A New Walkman Set From Sony Based On Android

A new set of walkmans is on an impending release from the house of Sony. The walkman series will be based on Android operating system. The launch was announced in Tokyo and the launch date has been set on the 10th of December. Android gadgets have had a successful run in the industry so far in the smart phone and tablet industry. Use of android in other electronic gadgets has not been so much in news. The quality of sound is very good and the walkman will make the experience of watching videos and audio more convenient. Noise cancellation facility is advanced. The product is supposed to be released in three different versions – 16GB model, which will be model NW-Z1050, 32GBmodel, which will be model NW-Z1060 and a 32GB model, which will be model NW-Z1070.

Market Shares Of Nikon And Canon Decrease

Camera manufacturing brand Canon and Nikon have found themselves under the loss in market share, because at present in Japan the selling of mirrorless compact system cameras have increased by leaps and bounds.

In this regard a recent survey made by the BCN Inc has stated that the combined market share of Nikon and Canon has fallen down by 35% while other big rival like Sony has increased its share by twofold.

Sony Tablet faces tough competition

Sony new tablet computer is a failure since it fails to meet the demands of gadget enthusiasts, tech bloggers and analysts.  All agreed that price and the quality did not meet the need of people, who uses such technology.  Sony is going to have a tough time competing against the other consumer electronics company.

Sony Corp has delayed the launch of its first tablet, which is going to available in stores this month, more than a year and a half after Apple Inc introduced the blockbuster iPad and nearly one year since Samsung Electronics Co Ltd presented the GalaxyTab. Samsung’s Galaxy occupies the No.2 slot in tablets that Sony is aiming.

Reviewers and analysts emphasized a high price and features, indicating Sony would remain an also-ran rather than a leader in the tablet industry. Two editions of Sony’s main tablet cost $499 and $599, the same value as two lower-end Apple iPad replicas.

Gartner analyst, Carolina Milanesi says consumers needs tablets; however, they are not ready to  disburse the same amount of money that they are willing to pay for an iPad for a gadget that is not an iPad.  Even if, the brand is the same people are not going to buy something that got the price of an iPad.

Sony once ruled the high-tech world in Japan when they created the Walkman and PlayStation gaming console, but now Sony is struggling under the influence of its money-losing TV division and badly wants the support that a hit product could do for the company.

The new tablet is well-distinguished from other Android players with features such as having one model operate as a global remote, as other crinkles like a clamshell and tenders entry to some first generation PlayStation games.

Tech reviewers recognized Sony for coming up with unique design such as the curvy design for the S tablet, resembling a folded-back magazine.  The design makes the gadget to be easy to grasp with one hand, but the quality of the gadget suffers.

Back in January, Sony promised that they would aim for the number 2 position among the tablet market internationally.  Apple is the only company that will be on top of them in the ranking.

Sony joins the completion of technology companies and hopes that their company would be on top of the rest.  However, Sony now faces top competition ahead since Apple is not the only company that they should look while competing in the consumer electronic market.

Sony Introduces the New Playstation Home

Director of PlayStation Home, Jack Buser said during one of his interviews, 2008 when Sony first introduced Playstation Home to the world, functioning as a virtual world where almost 23 million registered users interact with each other.  However, users have turned to using social games and left Playstation Home.  In an effort to compete with social games, Sony realizes the need to evolve the PlayStation Home into a place for gamers to both meet people and play social games.

Buser noted that this is a tremendous leap in the development of the platform.  Sony is planning to level up games as the heart of PlayStation Home.  It would mean that even the Playstation Home is going to become a game.  The first thing that a person would see in Home is a game.

Dean Takahashi of Venturebeat is one of the lucky one, who has access to the Home, when he attended the E3 video game trade show in June, and it has been tuning the experience ever since.  The new project concentrates on Home’s strength: a main group of hardcore gamers who has the same liking in games.  By providing the gamers with an even intense game feel inside Home, Buser hopes that Sony manages to grab the attention of gamers for longer periods.  Despite the fact, that this age  filled with distractions coming from Iphone, Twitter, Facebook, and even from Xbox Live.

The new adaptation of PlayStation Home  set to arrive this coming fall. One of the notable changes is that Sony is going to include large-scale group games inside PlayStation Home.  Home Currently acts as a virtual world where users are able to wander through attractions and buy from stores with their avatars.  The central plaza of Home is now going to be replaced by an advanced transit place called The Hub.

The Hub put games, quests, community events and user-generated matter together. The feature is an addition to conventional Home contributions such as navigation, shopping, meeting people and viewing entertainment.  Inside the hub, the users are free to look at an activity board so that they could see the various games in the advancement and missions, which they might fulfill.  Aside from what already been stated, the gamers also has the capability  to create their own events where they could invite their friends.

Once inside the Hub, the players are able to teleport immediately into free games.  In the continuously-changing districts, users have the option of finding games that match their needs. The purpose of Home is to connect players with games they wish to play.

HP Touchpad Meets With An Untimely End

HP TouchPad, which hit the shelves just seven weeks ago, is being put out of production due to low sales. The tablet worked on WebOS developed by Hewlett-Packard Co. The end of this gadget is seen to an assertion of the fact that the tablets of Apple are still the most saleable products in the electronic market. Weak sales were also the reason for Dell Steak 5 to go out of business a little while back. Mark Gerber, who is an analyst with Detwiler Fenton, a research and investment firm based in Boston, said that tablets which are not from the house of Apple have failed to generate retail sales. He said that the failure of HP TouchPad is a clear indication of Apple’s supremacy in the tablet market.