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Windows Phone Apps Will Run With Windows 8

Operating System manufacturing company Microsoft is now once again in the cover page for their upcoming brand new operating system. Though, before that various reports have published regarding it – now on that list one new added while Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA has stated “Windows 8 will run the entire windows phone 7 applications.”

Microsoft Unveils Ribbon UI For Its Windows 8 File Manager Tool

Last day software giant Microsoft has declared a few more changes on its upcoming operating system Windows 8. In this matter at the Building Windows 8 blog, Alex Simons, Microsoft Director of Program Management, has said “Our Company has now decided to bring the ‘ribbon‘ UI to its ubiquitous file manager tool for providing easy access to its hundreds of features as well as highlighting a few hidden gems – in short for building a strong and most powerful file manager.”

Windows 8 Will Come Out With Native USB 3.0 Supports

Software giant Microsoft has recently announced that their brand new upcoming Operating System Windows 8 is coming out in the market wearing the features of native USB 3.0 support – in short something that usually requires separate drivers until this release.

By linking with the above fact in a Building Windows 8 blog post Dennis Flanagan, the director of program management of this device of the company Microsoft, has stated “Our Company is now working hard in order to make this Windows 8 compatible new superfast device.”

On the theoretical point of view this brand new USB 3.0 version is quiet being able to transfer data at a speed of 5GB per second. So, in general point of view this new creation has become one of the main challenges to this software giant company Microsoft, because with the help of this the company usually wants to hold a grip in this competitive market.

In order to deal with the problem Flanagan and his team mates has created “virtual” USB 3.0 devices, which after that they have validated and ran for test with the use of a custom tool, usually known as Zing.

In order to identify thousands of different USB 3.0 devices (which is according to Flanagan more than 1,000), the entire team has created MUTT or Microsoft USB Test Tool –  quite be able to simulate multiple USB device from a single USB thumb drive.

Flanagan has said “Just like humans this device which has appeared very different from the outside is completely different from the inside also.”

HP Touchpad Meets With An Untimely End

HP TouchPad, which hit the shelves just seven weeks ago, is being put out of production due to low sales. The tablet worked on WebOS developed by Hewlett-Packard Co. The end of this gadget is seen to an assertion of the fact that the tablets of Apple are still the most saleable products in the electronic market. Weak sales were also the reason for Dell Steak 5 to go out of business a little while back. Mark Gerber, who is an analyst with Detwiler Fenton, a research and investment firm based in Boston, said that tablets which are not from the house of Apple have failed to generate retail sales. He said that the failure of HP TouchPad is a clear indication of Apple’s supremacy in the tablet market.

An App Store for Windows 8 on the drawing board

Can you guess what is up Microsoft’s sleeve this time? The answer is an App Store. Yes, just like Apple, Microsoft is planning to introduce an App Store in Windows 8 the likes of which we all see in the Mac OS X. Microsoft’s President Steven Sinofsky is the man behind this revelation which in fact also confirms the rumours that were in the air for months.