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Another Lawsuit Between Samsung and Apple

Sometimes ago the giant South-Korean technology company Samsung claimed that the Apple iPhone and the iPad 2 devices, which were sold in Australia violated the patent rules regarding the 3G wireless communications.

Samsung has own a trial over the case. The two tech giants, Samsung and Apple, are fighting feverishly in different countries over patent violation. For a long period of time both the companies are accusing each other of coping each other’s patents. Now that has become a battle.

Hackers Made Siri To Work With Any Device What So Ever

Hackers have claimed that they have made the voice assistance system of Apple, the Siri to work with any device, even with Android by reverse engineering. Siri was first introduced to market with the iPhone 4S in the last month.

Applidium after discovering the hack has written in their latest blog post that they have break through the protocol of Siri and that is why it is now available to use in any device. It can be used in an iPad even in Android devices. The hackers group has also assured that they will thoroughly explain how they made it possible.

Apple’s Replacement Program For First Gen iPod Nano

The tech giant Apple has at last announced their replacement program of the iPod Nano devices sold in 2005. The replacement program is long awaited, because people who bought the First Gen iPod Nano are suffering for six years. The devices have serious bug in batteries. Those batteries has defect of overheating and thus it can lead to serious injuries. However the replacement program has started on last Friday. So people, who are the owners of the first gen iPod Nano hurry up and get a shiny new musical device.

iOS and Android – Emerging Rapidly In Mobile Gaming

Although we have a conventional thinking that smartphones in the gaming section is not as good as the traditional mobile handsets of Sony and Nintendo, iOS and Android are giving pretty good competition to those handsets regarding revenue issue. The well known market research firm Flurry Analytics’ recent study has disclosed that iOS and Android have jointly made up 58 per cent of the total revenue that came from the sale of portable gaming software in United States in 2011. In the last year the percentage was on 34 per cent. In contrast to the rising of iOS and Android Nintendo’ DS has dropped down from 57 per cent in 2010 to 36 per cent in 2011. Sony’s PSP has contributed only 6 per cent to the total revenue.

Hidden Features Of iOS 5 Discovered

Apple introduced their latest iOS 5 a few months ago. Some genius developers most recently have disclosed some hidden unique features of iOS 5. Those features include an autocorrect bar for the onscreen keyboard which reminds about an almost similar feature of Android and a special feature for the iOS camera app, called the panorama picture mode. It has been mentioned that both the features will be available on iPad or iPhone but after following certain primary steps.