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Apple Retracts From Its Policy – Okays Cinemax App

Apple, which has always stood by its word of not allowing any kind of porn screening on its devices, seems to have relented from the stand. This is in view of the consent given to Cinemax app. Through this app, users can download movies and watch them on the device. Several softporn movies are already available in the app. This consent is being seen as a major retraction from the strong stand that Apple always had against porn screening.

Apple Store and RIM Headquarters are Now Neighbors

Toronto – Here’s an instance of two competitors sharing the same space. The California based tech giant Apple Inc. has opened shop in Blackberry maker research in Motion’s own backyard in Toronto. The iPhone and iPad have long been the cause of grief for RIM and with the intention of Apple to make this new store the local hub of iPhone and iPad devices, the turf war has taken a new turn. The new Apple store is just 10 minute drive away from the RIM office front steps in Waterloo, Ontario. The two giants have been sweating it out in the minds of smart phone users for quite some time now, but RIM business seems to have hit rough waters with many of its customers migrating to Apple products.

iPhone 5 speculations, iPad real competitors and Child hacker- all on The Weekly Round-Up

Starting the Round-Up with some Apple, people around the country and many interwebs and tech journalists and bloggers are waiting for the next generation iPhone to hit the stores which the company has not yet confirmed when. According to the iPhone 5 speculations, the phone will comprise of new enclosure with 4 inch screen and an 8 mega pixel camera. Whether it will be iPhone 5 or 4G or 4GS, it is not sure until its launch in September or October this year. When asked from the people about their expectations from this new iPhone, many of them asked for good battery life and sleek body. Better camera and water proof body were also some answers but did not come for many mouths. There are people who will ready switch to new iPhone 5 and few will wait for some months to get the reviews. In any case, Apple will surely seek the advantage!

Apple Will Organize Their Media Event This Coming September

A rumor has been started to spread out due to Apple iPhone, which will launch at the Apple media event this coming September 7.

With the sequence to the fact a Japanese website Kodawarisan has claimed that Apple actually want to hold their traditional fall media even on that date, that’s why they have reserved that date for their iPods. Though, the other rumors are starting to say or have stated earlier that Apple may bring their next generation iPhone on that day.

Facebook’s New Mobile Messaging Application

The social networking giant Facebook has recently launched a mobile messaging application for the user of the iPhone and Android devices.

In this fact the engineer of this social network Facebook Lucy Zhang has said “Their brand new Facebook messenger can be used in order to exchange message between the Facebook friends, but it additionally gives them the benefit of exchanging their telephone contact lists also.”