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BIS 4.1 By Research In Motion Is Now Official – To Be Released On 11 October In North America

The internet service to be provided by BlackBerry manufacturer, Research in Motion, has been officially declared. The facility has been known for some time now since the news has been unofficially making rounds since the beginning of 2011. The latest news comes as an official confirmation from the company. However, the BIS 4.1 will first be released in the Asia Pacific region, then in Europe and finally in North America.

Research In Motion, The Blackberry Maker, Is Still On A Downward Spiral

The shares of Research in Motion have seen a downward trend in the recent past. Although the new releases from the company were expected to mark an increase in the share price and overall performance of the company, they have not reached expected targets and despite performing better than their predecessors, the sales have remained lower in comparison to gadgets from other companies. Over the last month, RIM saw a brief phase of upsurge in share prices by almost 50% due to news about monetization of patents and takeovers. However, the lack luster performance of the devices has caused a fall in the share prices.

New Blackberry Devices To Be Supported By Boxtone

The new BlackBerry phones that are powered by their new operating system BlackBerry OS 7 have gained massive popularity and are being seen as a source of resurgence of BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion. While the phones have been experiencing appreciable patronage, the leading Enterprise Mobility Management, Boxtone has announced its support to the phone. As of now, the phones that will have the feature are Bold 9930 and 9900. These are both phones with keypads and touch display. The other new model, BlackBerry Torch 9810 has a slide out keyboard as well as a touch screen. Two more models, Torch 9850 and 9860, are complete touch screen.

RIM to Use Android for Its Phones?

The latest news that is doing rounds in the mobile phone circuits is that BlackBerry is likely to bring out its new set of mobiles next year powered by android. However, in the light of the fact that the recently released set of phones are doing very well due to the new features in BlackBerry OS 7, it has to be seen whether the company will bring in another option for its users. This might also be an attempt to rise the sale in BlackBerry products which have lost a substantial amount of its markets to Apple and Android. The phones that run on Android are expected in the markets in the beginning months of 2012.

Blackberry Messenger Gets a New Rival in the Form of Samsung Mobile Messenger

BlackBerry messenger is one of the most widely used apps in all mobiles ranging from Android to Apple. The messenger app of BlackBerry has had a near monopoly in the niche market. However, it is now face a tough competition in the form of Samsung as the company is set to launch an instant messaging service. The tool is expected to make Samsung mobile more attractive from customers’ point of view. The other challenge that BlackBerry messenger is expected to have is the impending release of Apple messenger called iMessage. Research in Motion, which has tasted a moderate amount of success with the latest releases, will have to come up with a higher version of its messenger service in order to keep its market in grips.